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Logo & Brand Design

Designing an effective brand is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure the final logo design targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message. A poorly designed brand will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, however, a carefully designed logo and brand can transform a business by attracting the right people.

What makes a Great Logo?

  • Simple & Clean
  • Visually Distinctive
  • Scalable in Size across platforms
  • Showcases Brand’s Personality
  • Works in Print and Digital formats
  • Should not follow trends

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English, but are great in remembering signs.

Karl Lagerfield

Creative Director, Chanel


1. Brief

I will send you a questionnaire, which has been designed to find out as much as possible about your business. Upon receiving the info, I’ll meet with you to discuss expectations and design prefrences

2. Research

This is where I will research and study your company, its history and competition and your target audience. This research ensures I know your business inside out, so I’m able to design a logo that uniquely represents your business or product.

3. Ideation & Design

Once some ideas has been explored on paper, I will begin to work on the designs digitally. Once I have several solid designs prepared, I’ll critique & refine the work and select the most suitable designs to showcase

4. Showcase & Support

I will showcase the designs created, with images of the designs in real life examples, along with supporting notes . Once the designs are completed, and we are both happy with the work, I will prepare the files for use on web and in print.

Let's Work Together

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