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Logotypes, Marks & Corporate Identities

A good logo must be unique and recognizable, made to last over time and to adapt to the highest number of channels: it is an extremely powerful communication tool.

It’s an element able to share your story with the entire world. These are the characteristics of all the logos that I have designed and of those that I will design in future.

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Featured Work

Innovative Environments

Innovative Environments specializes in custom technology solutions for their discerning clientele. They’re into high end AV Communication and they’re rebranding for the technology sector.

Technology Firm, USA

Robles Construction

Robles Construction is an upcoming construction company based in Georgia. They have many years of experience in the concrete pouring and cutting industry and are stepping into the civil construction industry.

Civil Construction  Firm, USA

B & H Kitchen Cabinets

This is the new identity for B&H Kitchen Cabinets. A kitchenware firm based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Kitchen Cabinet Firm, Canada

Shyamalee Thevar Events

Shyamalee Thevar is an accomplished event designer based in India. She’s designed extravagant parties to glorious weddings.

Event Designer, India


EVN is a minimal clothing brand based in Mumbai which aims at providing high quality basics for everyone.

Fashion Label, India

Ikarus Consultancy

Ikarus consulting are experts in providing ERP resources and solutions (FOCUS SAP), generating online business and deploying IT infrastructure in the GCC and the Middle East

Consultancy Firm

Solid Souls

Solid Souls is a Canadian fashion label creating awesome streetwear products for millennials.

Fashion Label, Austrailia


 LOCWOM short for Local Women’s Handicrafts,is an NGO based in Nepal which has thousands of  women change their lives by teaching them handicraft skills through which they are able to support themselves and their families. 

NGO, Nepal


Hosteleer is a startup based in South East Asia. They allow young travelers to stay in hostels across the globe for free in exchange for simple manual labor and social media marketing

Travel Based Platform, Chiang Mai

Brand Identity

To put it simply, everything that you can see (the visual language) is brand identity.

Brand identity consists of elements like:

  • Logo or wordmark
  • Different logo lockups
  • Key colors (color palette)
  • Corporate typefaces
  • Standard typographic treatments
  • Consistent style for images
  • Library of graphic elements

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