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Animated Explainer Video

I was commissioned to design explainer videos for Pupcare. This was meant to direct consumers and vendors to download and use the app. The brief was to visually show how the app solves the problems of the users and provides value to both the parties

Pupcare video for Users

This is the main Pupcare user-centric video. In this, we introduce a protagonist Raj and Bruno. We visually show a storyline where they are facing an ordeal due to a core mistake that Pupcare App is trying to fix. Then we quickly showcase how that app will lead to better lives for the Pet & the Pet Owner. This video went viral on SMM and became a core marketing tool for Pupcare to drive user downloads and led to high conversion rates within the app. 

Pupcare video for Vetenerians

his one’s a little instructional as it’s meant for the veterinarians. This is how you onboard clients with style!. This 1-minute video manages to break down the app and explains its concepts and features! This video led to a surge in downloads for the vendor app! It’s helping them to onboard clients every day

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